Fidget Spinners Sell in Dizzying Numbers on Cape Cod

Fidget Spinners Sell in Dizzying Numbers on Cape Cod

Fidget Spinners Sell in Dizzying Numbers on Cape Cod

It's the latest craze sweeping the playgrounds and selling out in shops - but one Dundee primary school has now banned fidget spinners. Fancier ones can cost over $50. And some schools like Fairview Park Elemetary in Spencer, Iowa, only allow students to use school-provided spinners, reported by Now Cleveland. But some teachers say they have been causing classroom disruptions, prompting bans and confiscations. While there is essentially no scientific evidence for this, there are numerous anecdotal accounts by parents and teachers claiming that children with ADHD do indeed calm down and pay greater attention as they fidget with these toys.

The alleged mental benefits of the toys have helped fuel their sales, but even a cursory look at the nonexistent science-and the history-of the spinners makes it clear that these claims are specious at best.

"We feel that children should be able to be children and we want our children to be able to play", she said.

Apparently she pitched the device to Hasbro 20 years ago and they turned her down.

Spinners were born in the 1990s, the brainchild of Florida inventor Catherine Hettinger, who curiously has offered different accounts of her eureka moment.

If you know a middle school kid, or a parent or teacher of one, chances are you've seen the simple little colorful device that's driving them all insane lately.

In the school newsletter, Mr Hildrew wrote: "There is a new craze for fidget spinners which many students are bringing into school".

Her pro-fidget toy stance is a good thing for her students, now that the gadgets are all the rage among kids.

"I just bought one as a joke really and because it's become a huge fad, but after I bought it, I realized it's actually really fun and satisfying to mess around with", he said.

"If they are seen in lessons they will be confiscated".

Sicard said parents at his school were understanding.

That's right, YouTuber EverythingApplePro drilled a hole in an iPhone 7 (and a couple of other iPhones, ughhh) and then inserted a ball bearing to create the most expensive fidget spinner yet.

Beyond disruption, teachers have another reason to hate the toys - they can get extraordinarily annoying, extremely quickly.

So far, his teachers haven't said anything negative, and one even inquired about how she could get a spinner of her own.

While there are many designs including standard plastic, LED and aluminium, some models online fetch hundreds of pounds.

"Specific learning aids can be provided to any pupils who have been found to need them following assessment".

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