Apple's iOS 11 Makes It Harder for Uber to Track Your Location

Apple's iOS 11 Makes It Harder for Uber to Track Your Location

Apple's iOS 11 Makes It Harder for Uber to Track Your Location

Furthermore, 14 states have banned the use of handheld devices.The revitalized iPads have a new feature known as "ProMotion", which offers a super-quick rejuvenate rate of 120 Hz to their screens for a smoother experience of visual.As Cydiageeks notes, the Offload Unused Apps setting is also available in iPhone Storage under General settings. Other handy features include an automatic login to new devices simply by bringing it close to a Mac or other iOS 11 devices.

The iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and the iPad 4 are all being left in the dust by Apple, as the tech giant has confirmed the new operating system, iOS 11, set to be rolled out later this year will effectively make the device obsolete in terms of Apple's ecosystem.

Apple appears to be solving this problem in iOS 11.

"Your app can read tags to give users more information about their physical environment and the real-world objects in it".

Meanwhile, the iOS 11 update will improve digital assistant Siri's voice and language capabilities with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence. That means Uber users will now be able to stop the app from accessing their location when they are not using it.

Apple this week also launched an updated App Store that adds original editorial features, a "Today" tab for daily announcements about new features, and other new tabs for Games, Apps and Updates.

As anyone who closely follows Apple can attest, the company tends to harp on user privacy whenever it touts new software features.

Passengers who are just riding in the vehicle will also be able to disable the safety feature.

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